Superior was founded in early 1993. A family company founded by the distinguished Professor Ivo Đinović, plant breeder, scientist, geneticist and best-known expert in the region of Southeast Europe. As co-founder joined by his son, Msc. Ing. Nebojša Đinović, who is now CEO of the company and the younger son, Goran Đinović, technical director of the company.

During the nineties, Dr. Đinović, thanks to his decades of experience, has created varieties such as "Elephant Ear", "Maraton," "Fantom" and others. They celebrated the brand Superior in the field of vegetable and confirmed the quality and work of Dr. Djinovič. Today our company is one of the most recognizable names in agriculture, both in Serbia and throughout Southeast Europe, with more than 50 different varieties and hybrids in our portfolio. Superior now has a large gene bank from which we draw material for new varieties and hybrids, constantly working to create new varieties, hybrids and improving the quality of existing ones.

As part of the SUPERIOR “family” in the 2010 two new brands appeared, namely SUPERIOR FRUIT and SUPERIOR CORN. Superior now offers its knowledge and experience built into a wide range of products, which includes vegetable seeds, fruit trees and a corn seed.

Superior d.o.o.

Superior spreads and grows continuously since its foundation. Today the company has an administrative building, a tissue culture center of 200 m2 with a laboratory, a warehouse of 800 m2, a sales showroom and hall for business meetings and seminars. The processing center is packing small and large seed packages. It has a germination testing device for measuring humidity of the seeds and all the seeds are kept in a temperature and humidity controlled conditions.

We have 25 hectares of productive land, additional we leased 25 ha and we have extensive agricultural machinery for the production of basic and commercial seeds. As well we achieve long-term cooperation with more than 25 subcontractors throughout Serbia.

Superior Seedsis specialized in research, development, manufacture and sale of vegetable seeds. Produces and distributes seeds of 50 varieties and hybrids and 10 plant species. In the segment of vegetable seeds, Superior Seeds produces 50% of the total annual production of certified seeds for vegetables which is used on the Serbian market. Our activities are in accordance with the standards ISO 9000: 2001.

The trust that our customers devote more than 20 years leads us to constantly work and create new hybrids and varieties with the typical Balkan taste of vegetables.

Superior Fruit is directly linked to our tissue culture laboratory where we produce all our fruit trees. This is the brand that encompasses the selection and crossing of fruit species and their reproduction in the laboratory. The plants are cultivated in a climate chamber, then transferred to the acclimatization greenhouses and in the last phase on the open- field. Were we nurse them until they have the right size for the market. Superior Fruit produces seedlings and pot plants of chokeberry, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries and a dozen other fruit species.

Superior Corn produces seed crops, namely corn seed. Besides sweet corn Union F1, we produce corn seed for conventional useage. Superior Corn was developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Lazar Kojić from LK hybrids, one of the world's most experienced experts in hybrids, the former longtime director of the Yugoslavian Corn Institute "Zemun Polje". He has been awarded for his exceptional contribution in agriculture several times by the Chinese, Kazakh and Russian governments for exceptional contribution to agriculture with the Medal of Honor. The company now has five hybrids in its classes FAO 450 up to FAO 600 that have proved excelent resistance to drought. Our experience in the production of vegetable seeds and our logistics give us a good basis for further work in this field. Superior Corn in cooperation with “LK Hybrid” has a large gene bank of maize lines where the crossing department gets about 400 hybrids each year.


Dr Ivo Đinović, , a man with a strong vision, he realized the importance of tissue culture laboratories and has become a pioneer of this sector in Serbia. The creator of the most famous Serbian hybrid tomato, onion and pepper varieties, constantly working on the selection of new cultures with a desire to maintain and surpass the fame he has gained with pepper "Elephant Ear". Branding "Serbian seed" is his great desire and dream which he successfully realized in Superior.

The initial successes in cloning prompted him to begin the construction of one of the most advanced laboratories in the Balkans. Our constant orientation to the development of the laboratory aims to accelerate the creation and multiplication of hybrid or fruit trees.

Working in the lab has an expressed scientific aspect, because we keep numerous cloning probes, which enable us to find a better media and the conditions of growing up to young plants.

Plants from our laboratories are tender, formed out of a tree and root, or in conditions where we have ideal humidity and temperature, with brightness dosed in strict terms. The plants spent after the laboratory some time in containers with a special substrate in greenhouses with grandstand, ventilation and computer-controlled irrigation. This will allow them to adapt to external conditions and grow in accordance with the temperature regime that rules the outdoors. Upon completion of this preparatory period the seedlings are transplanted into pots or going to a nursery awaiting its final owner.

Superior team

The difference between success and failure is an efficient team.

Superior is linking these shared values such as teamwork and innovation. Top experts are one of our most important resources. Superior Team currently counts more than 50 employees: two academics, 12 engineers, 8 managers, about 30 workers and more than 30 seasonal workers. The success of the enterprise is based on many years of work and cooperation with 15 subcontractors from all over Serbia. Together we crossed the unbelievable and a long way until we created today's Superior. Now we are confident that we can provide more: better selection, efficient service and many ways to improve our production.

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Ivo Đinović


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Agro-technical support
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