Never forget tomorrow.

Ours sprouts from seeds sown long ago.

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R & D



Dr. Ivo Đinović founded Superior 1993 with the idea to work for science and write for the people. All these years, our research team lead by Dr. Đinović has been cross-breeding and selecting new varieties and hybrids with the traits demanded by the final consumer. The market always changes, new countries become new consumers, and we still carry over traditional Balkan taste through our varieties.

We combine different cultures and various tastes, sometimes we are even trend setters, because some markets never had a chance to use in their cuisine such vegetable. That’s why, our R&D team constantly follows contemporary trends such as disease resistance and transportability, and pack all that in distinctive taste of countryside and childhood.

Our fortune

In order to create new varieties, in the last 25 years we got equiped with laboratory for seed testing, then in-vitro lab where we produce virus-free seedlings, but also with specialists who share Dr. Đinovićem’s passion for genetics.

In order to produce seeds, the whole army of people works on propagating material production, transplantation, nursing, and maintaining hundreds of hectares of seed crops. We collaborate with around 30 subcontractors that multiply seeds for our Superior. All these seeds arrive to processing center in the autumn where they are being cleaned, processed, and prepared for packaging.


Our seeds

Seed is small, with a radius ranging from half a millimeter to a few – from such a small “capsule of life” plants reaching up to few meters in height grow.

To prepare them as best as possible for you, we keep them in controlled and package them in ideal conditions. We use three-layered packaging with aluminum in the middle, so that even UV rays can’t harm them, and transport them to you as soon as possible. In short, we handle them as something very precious, because that’s what they indeed are.

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After a quarter-century of producing original varieties and hybrids, we are ready for the next phase of our growth. Changes in technology, trends, and the global climate will radically reshape our industry. As represented by our new visual identity, we are answering those challenges by developing new lines of products, deepening research & development, strengthening quality control, multiplying partnerships and collaborations, and emphasizing our basic principles: