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The work of producing high quality seeds is endless. Superior professional seeds are the result of tireless, coordinated effort of many highly skilled and dedicated people. Our professional seeds are proudly developed and produced locally in Serbia.

The seed of all our seeds

Every seed we distribute is descended from plants originally nurtured in nurseries at our headquarters. We take utmost care in producing the starting batches of seeds which will eventually be multiplied to quantities in the tons for use across many hectares of land across Eurasia, North Africa, and North America.

With so many different hybrids and varieties to keep track of, process automation technology helps us to work more securely and efficiently.
Plants in our nurseries are kept happy with careful environmental control so that they will in turn supply us with the healthiest seeds.
We work on-site with our cooperants to ensure that soil condition, irrigation, and plant health are optimal for seed production.
Constant quality control means that every seed in every fruit conforms to our expectations and fulfills the needs of growers.


Our network of over 30 subcontractors in the region assist us in producing the volume of seeds necessary to supply all of our customers each growing season.
Working with them also gives us greater opportunities to experience directly what farmers growing our vegetables do, which helps us in continually developing, refining, and improving our work.

Processing and packing

Growing plants and extracting seeds is only half of the process. Once we collect the seeds, we still need to screen and sort them, organize and store them, package them in various sizes of bags, cans, and boxes, and ultimately and ship them out to our customers.

None of these areas is taken for granted, and each affects the quality of our end products, so we take them seriously and are always looking to innovate and improve them.

We have seen the benefit of this approach over the past nearly three decades of our existence, and are sure that we will continue on the same trajectory.

Human supervised sorting ensures that consistently high quality seeds end up in our customers’ fields.
Before they are packaged and sent around the world, our seeds are kept in our climate controlled warehouse.
Just like the seeds themselves their packaging demands great care, as it protects them on their way to becoming strong, productive plants.
We don’t just throw the product in a box and ship it out. High quality packaging and detailed planning make sure that our products reach their destinations in top shape.
Beyond their role in delivery, our drivers are seed industry professionals concerned with ensuring that what’s inside the package reaches its full potential.


Ensuring that our seeds reach the soil safe and sound is important to us, so we take it upon ourselves to deliver them personally, rather than relying on third party delivery agents.

Superior’s fleet of vehicles rolls through every part of Serbia and beyond to bring our products to customers, whether independent farms, individual retail shops, or large distributors.

Say hello if you see us on the road!

Customer support

Our work does not stop with production and delivery. We care about our customers’ experience. We strive to maintain a dialogue with everyone who uses our seeds, gathering feedback and offering technical support.

Just like our customers, we too are farmers, with decades of practical experience that we are happy to share in order to achieve the best possible results for anyone who chooses to grow Superior seeds.

Our headquarters is always ready to answer every sort of question, whether from prospective customers or of those who have been with us for years.
The most satisfying part of our work is seeing the success of those who grow our seeds, so we are eager to meet them and have a chance to learn from each other.