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Our research and development program stands at the center of everything we do. We employ the most proven scientific breeding techniques to continuously introduce innovative, targeted, high quality vegetable varieties.

Just as when Ivo Đinović began, plant breeding remains as much an art as a science. Creativity plays a complementary role to rigor and methodology.
In every phase of the process, we are constantly and closely monitoring countless variables among many individual lines of plants to find the next star.

Superior quality

Since the founding of Superior by Dr. Đinović, meticulous genetic selection has been at the core of our work.
In communicating with vegetable producers and other stakeholders, we identify desirable traits for a given market, and then apply our well-honed skills and knowledge to realize a unique and dependable phenotype.
Over the last three decades, Superior has achieved particular notoriety for expertise in peppers and tomatoes, with many of our original varieties and hybrids gaining widespread adoption both domestically and internationally.


Before we can begin to breed a new variety, we first need a clear objective. What are we creating, for whom, and why? Only after we have identified a real market need and a precise understanding of how to satisfy it do we get to the business of genetics.
Traveling around the region and the globe, meeting all kinds of vegetable producers and consumers, listening to their dreams, desires, frustrations and fears, observing their work, developing our knowledge of history, keeping up with contemporary trends, and anticipating the future – all of this forms the seed of our research.

Our Serbian roots provide us with sound feedback and rich inspiration. Our pepper Slonovo Uvo demonstrates how our knowledge of local tastes enables us to make products loved by people everywhere.
Every year, we travel around the world and learn about the influences shaping the markets we serve. Our local wisdom is taken abroad and cross-pollenated with knowledge brought home from afar.
Every salient trait is measured and tracked. Only after vast amounts of data have been analyzed can we draw conclusions that will lead to a new hit product.
One aspect of performance we always watch with special attention is germination rate. Reliable sprouting is key for any successful vegetable, so only the fastest and most vigorous starters make it to the finish line.

Development and testing

How tall, how strong, how crunchy, how bumpy, how spicy, how sweet? Breeding vegetables involves growing many candidates and comparing them against one another with respect to relevant attributes.

In this fierce competition, there is only one ultimate winner worthy to be named a Superior seed.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Superior is the first seed company in Serbia to equip itself with a tissue culture laboratory. This lab plays a significant role in accelerating the breeding process by enabling reliable and rapid propagation of candidate plants for further testing and refinement, and has opened opportunities for our company to explore new and exciting pursuits.

Tissue culture work takes skill and patience. Our laboratory staff ably perform these delicate operations to produce thousands of clones from a single plant.
Plants incubated in laboratory conditions retain precisely selected traits, allowing us to speed the process of developing new varieties.