Chokeberry NERO

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1.5-2.5 m


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On a sunny terrain, even if it’s rocky, chokeberry will develop when you plant it, especially in autumn. It will give you clusters of dark blue fruits by its second year, and when it turns ten, on a deciduous bush that reaches 2.5 m in height, 15 kg of berries will ripen. Harvest them in August stress-free because ripe fruits will not spoil even if they stay on the plant, which coolly handles winter temperatures down to ­-30°C. Provide enough room and space the bushes 1.5-2 m apart, and rows 3-4 m.
You’ll appreciate this fruit not only for its medicinal value, but also visually, with its white and light pink flowers in May, and when its leaves turn red in autumn.

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Pot C2, Stretch foil + box